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Four Season PNW Gardening: Planting in April - Part 2

Part II: Apiaceae (Carrot Family)

Carrot family members are, generally, cool-season cultivated and may not grow when the soil gets too warm. They are widely accepted as excellent companion plants due to their flowers clustered into umbels that are well suited habitat for ladybugs, parasitic wasps, and predatory flies, which prey upon insect pests on nearby plants. Members of this family that produce scents may mask the odor of nearby plants and make them more difficult for pests to find. Some members of the family have a toxin that sensitizes human skin to sunlight. Contact with plant parts that contain furanocoumarins, followed by exposure to sunlight, may cause phytophotodermatitis, serious skin inflammation.

Pusa Asita Black Carrot

A beautiful carrot and one of the most nutrient dense varieties.

Red Carrot

Purple Dragon Carrot


Grow it as perennial. Brussels Winter


Choose a slow bolting variety, like Santo, and use shade to your advantage


Bronze fennel has a wonderful odor and many uses. It can spread so don’t over plant, but don't be afraid.


Another perennial herb you should have in your garden. It has a strong flavor and odor. Use sparingly in dishes.


A “storage food” that you should be growing. Andover and Javelin are recommended for spring planting.


A biennial. Try a "curly" variety for more subtle flavor. Italian, a popular flat-leafed cultivar, has an intense flavor and holds up well in cooking.

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