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A Greenhouse Raising

We are embarking on a journey to construct a climate battery greenhouse at the Enchanted Food Forest on the campus of Orcas Christian school in 2024. We would love for you to join us on this journey by following and sharing our project, or investing in it at any level.
A greenhouse will support the propagation of plants for use in various programs, like nursery sales, community harvests, and food security programs for the school and larger community. It will also serve as a winter and foul weather teaching space, and a demonstration to the community on how to build and maintain a climate battery greenhouse.   

What is a climate battery greenhouse?

A climate battery greenhouse is an energy-efficient structure designed for year-round plant cultivation. It uses a system of underground air ducts and thermal mass storage to regulate temperature and humidity, reducing the need for external heating or cooling systems. This sustainable approach helps create a stable and ideal environment for plant growth while minimizing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouses, in most climates, typically generate way more heat than they can immediately use. As a result, the excess heat is often vented to the outside to avoid injuring plants. In a climate battery system, excess heat is transferred to the floor beneath the greenhouse where it is "stored" for later use. The storage and transfer of this heat is typically accomplished by burying corrugated perforated tubing beneath the greenhouse structure and running a fan to push air through the tubing. During the day, warm (and typically moist) air is pushed underground, where it (ideally) condenses and releases heat, coming out the other end of the tube cooled and possibly at a lower humidity. At night, when heating may be needed, fans push colder air underground to pick up heat and release it into the structure.

All Hands on Earth is recognized in the United States as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our federal tax ID number is 83-3477089.

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